Point 01, v. Troyanovo, Marica-Iztok

Point 01, v. Trayanovo, Marica-Iztok - Measurement of particulate matters with size up to 10μm (measured in real time).
Red lines on the plot are presenting limit values for particulate matters in the atmosphere:

- Average Day and Night Limit for human health preserving – for particles with size up to 10 µm – from 50 µg/m3 (presented in the plot in mg/ m3, which is corresponding to value from 0,05 mg/m3)

Those particulate matters limit values are set in Ordinance No. 2, from 15.07.2010 – for limits for sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matters, lead, benzene, carbon monoxide, and ozone in the atmosphere (published in State Gasette 58 from 30.07.2010, valid from 30.07.2010)

Last Hour Measuring Indicators 2024-07-23:

  PM10 = 1.731 мг/м3PM10Concentration of particulate matter - milligram per cubic meter

  Flow = N/A FlowAirflow

  AT = 5.8 ℃ATTemperature of flow

  BP = 101346 BPBarometric pressure

  RHi = 43.0 RHiHumidity

  BV = 14.4 VBVVoltage of the internal battery of the meter